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ADEKA India Private Limited was established on 1st September 2007 and has its registered office at Mumbai. It is owned 90% by ADEKA Corporation, Japan (earlier called Asahi Denka Co. Ltd.). 10% of equity of ADEKA India is held by ADEKA (Asia) Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

ADEKA India will facilitate sourcing of chemicals and other products from India for ADEKA Corporation, and will also market products of ADEKA Corporation in India. Initially the focus of the marketing is on Polymer Additives made by ADEKA.

ADEKA Corporation and its related companies make wide range of chemicals including plastic additives. Plastic additives range includes Lead Free PVC Stabilizers, Plasticizers for PVC & Rubber, Antioxidants, Clarifying Agents, UV Absorbers, HALS, Halogen Free Flame Retardants etc. These are available for direct import and also ex-stock depending on the product.

ADEKA makes additives for Plastics in 7 countries, and has many products which are RoHS compliant and REACH registered.

We shall be obliged for your inquiries for "high performance" and environment friendly plastic additives.


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This website is also linked to website of ADEKA Corporation, Japan. ADEKA Japan website has brief information on whole range of products.
For inquiries on products listed here or on ADEKA Corporation website, please contact: Tel : 022-4026-3301 / 4026-3302 Email : info@adekaindia.com